Waterfall Drape Extender – Patent Pending!

Made from 6603 extruded aluminum, this is a Canwil Textiles exclusive product that’s ready to hit the market! After working with event designers, planners and constructors, we designed our Double Drape Extender. The Double Drape Extender, or DBLEX, is meant to solve the recurring issues that most designers face in the industry.

Our compact product is 8 to 10 inches high with extruded ends. It is designed to work with two-piece and three-piece uprights. Instead of buying an extension, where you lose most of its functionality, the Double Drape Extender allows you to raise your setup vertically by 6 inches. The current industry standard, the valance hanger, only allows you to extend your set-up horizontally.

  • Can be used with 2 piece or 3 pc slip collar uprights
  • Reduce inventory
  • Creative draping using multiple layers of drape
  • Can be used with our circular and dome kits
  • Use the existing slots in your upright and additional slots that come with the extender

Dblex waterfall drape extender how it's used
How it’s used?
Dblex waterfall drape extender
Extension Piece






If you are an event planner and want to create more intricate designs, speak with our team today! A simple product can help create an extravagant look.

Need to purchase single pieces, visit CanvasETC

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