Natural NFR Muslin
Medium weight natural cotton muslin is regularly used in costume design, backdrops, scenic, and much more.

Muslin is a loose fine weave cotton fabric. The origin of this fabric can be traced back to the city of Mosul, Iraq, where it got its name before spreading across the globe. Lightweight and breathable, the muslin fabric is currently one of the world’s most popular fabric materials. And, Muslin is the type of clothing material one will find in textile and fashion designs, as well as other clothing items.

Want to know why the muslin fabric is so popular and adored by many? Stay with us as we take you through all you need to know about muslin and why it is an icon amongst fabrics.

Natural NFR Muslin
Natural NFR Muslin






Types of Muslin

Muslin comes in a wide array of forms, weights, and sizes. Oftentimes, Muslin fabrics are graded into categories such as Swiss, mull, gauze, and sheeting.

What is Muslin Used For?

Muslin has found usage across many fields, including fashion, textile, photography, culinary arts, medicine, and theatre. For example, we have listed some of the popular uses of muslin in various fields;

How to Care for Muslin

Muslin fabrics are easy to clean and maintain. However, be sure to use great care when cleaning to avoid damaging them. It’s delicate and prone to shrinkage, so avoid putting it on a hot dryer. Below are steps to follow in caring for your muslin fabric.

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