Canwil Textiles is a leading supplier of FR, IFR, and non-FR theatrical and event fabrics. All our flame-retardant materials conform to NFPA-701 and Canadian FR standards. We stock the most popular event fabrics, from muslin to commando and Duvetyne. Also in our range is an inherently flame-retardant polyester fabric like Banjo, voile, poly premiere, and velour.

Theatrical curtain fabrics can be used for any stage show, from permanent theater draperies to specialized treatments for specific theatrical productions. Our luxurious, rich, heavy-weight velours are the benchmark for grand drapes, main curtains, and valances. In addition, we offer this fabric custom colors, either traditionally flame-resistant cotton or synthetic fabric (inherently flame-resistant).

Other Popular Fabrics:

Velour IFR

Velour is a plush and silky fabric that drapes effortlessly. It is soft-to-touch and suitable for gowns, jumpsuits, caps, and ropes. The name “Velour” was coined from “velvet,” a French word that explains its silky and plush feel. It is made from 100% synthetic polyester and is of good quality for entertainment stages at a low cost.

Use one of the many types of velour for any number of applications. They include cotton velour, velour leather, velvet, synthetic velour, Duvetyne, and velveteen. These velour fabrics are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean. So place your order now while we deliver to you without stress.

Commando FR

Crafting a stage curtain or window blackout is less expensive with Commando Cloth. It is thicker than the Duvetyne 12 oz. fabric and heavy enough to give you a darker outcome. However, it is light absorbent and finished with a brushed matte surface that helps create a perfect background.

Browse our napped commando with availbility in several colors and sizes.

Duvetyn FR

Duvetyne is made from 100% cotton, flame retardant, and a brushed matte finish that absorbs light. This fabric is one of the most economical materials for stage scenarios. It is the perfect fabric for blocking unwanted light or as a black background.

You can use Duvetyne if you want to have a blackout without opacity. Use this fabric on stage, on set, and in movies. The number of ounces determines its opacity level.

This fabric is 12 ounces and may not absolve as much light as a 16 oz commando, but it is good enough to create night scenes or dark sky. Our Duvetyne is always available for easy purchase.

Poly Premier IFR

With this professional drape, you can create a trendy backdrop for exhibitions, photography, or worship spaces. Poly premier IFR is a refined version of Banjo Cloth. It is inherently flame-retardant and available in several sizes and colors at affordable prices.

The fabric is suitable for curtains, photo booths, event pipes and drapes, and graduation ceremonies. It gives an elegant appearance. Poly Premier IFR is durable and can be washed multiple times without compromising its color and flame-retardant properties.

Canwil Textiles can help you stick to your budget and save more by giving you unbeatable wholesale prices.

Banjo IFR

Made from 100% polyester, this fabric is inexpensive, lightweight, and weaved open enough to allow light rays. The material reacts fantastically to stage light, making your stage look very attractive. Banjo Cloth comes in a variety of colors. Some of these include gold, off-white, Burgundy, silver, black, and so on.

The fabric is an excellent choice for trade shows and exhibitions. It is affordable, durable, and also inherently flame-retardant. In addition, we provide easy access to buying the best Banjo fabric at Canwil textile with low-cost shipment fees.

Sheer IFR

Sheer fabric is an inherently flame-retardant material used to cover wide pipes and drape panels in large or small rooms. The fabric is about 120 inches wide, which makes it helpful in making a statement in decoration.

It is 100% polyester and washable in a machine with either cold or warm water. Sheer Voile is a mid-weight velvet kind of fabric. Use it to upscale events, theatre stages, stage skirts, or home theatres. The material is durable and washable multiple times without losing its color.

Muslin NFR

Muslin is one of the most common fabrics in the world. This popular fabric originated in Mosul, Iraq, and has been spreading across the globe. It is a loose weave cotton fabric suitable for fashion, home décor, and most importantly, theatre and photography.

Easily paint and manipulate the fabric to suit your backdrop needs. Muslin fabric is non-flame retardant but is durable and inexpensive. The fabric comes in various sizes, weights, and colors. It is easy to clean by hand washing or a cold water machine.

Contact us for expert recommendations of the correct quantity and quality of muslin fabric that suits your need.

All theatre and event fabrics are available at wholesale prices. You get a money-saving value from buying online at Canwil Textiles. Our team of experts carefully assembles fabrics to suit your needs.

Our team can guide you through your purchase if you need a guide in selecting suitable material for your needs. Contact Canwil Textiles today.

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