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Technical textiles are a large and growing sector of textiles being used for non-aesthetic purposes. According to Wikipedia, “The sector is large, growing, and supports a vast array of other industries.The global growth rate of technical textiles is about 4% per year, which is greater than the growth rate of home and apparel textiles, which are growing at a rate of 1% per year.” 

Fabrics utilized to change, reinforce, or filter among many other functions. Demand grows yearly for technical textiles.

Technical textiles made from multiple materials including:

They can be coated with RFL, a rubberized formula, or put through strenuous conditions to provide the structure needed for the execution of function. Some of the notable qualities for the construction field include their resistance to temperature and chemicals.

Canwil Textiles supplies technical textiles to the rubber, conveyor and industrial hose markets. With partner mills that have the latest looms and experienced personnel we can supply quality fabrics for coating, rubberizing and RFL dipping.

Non-Aesthetic But Safe

Unlike other textiles that can be dyed and made to add beauty to your product, this textile is used for the safety it offers. They provide thermal dynamics that help regulate functions, filtration features allowing the passing of liquid but stabilization of material, binding reinforcement for product integrity, and elongation and durability for conveyor usage.

The automotive industry has capitalized on the technical textile field with implementation into the mechanics, seatbelts, and tires and we continue to see the growth as the industry adapts. As progress continues to be made in the adaptation of technical textile field, people will start to see fibers being made by 3D printers to create applications that meet the demands of this growing sector and keep the cost of development low.

Our Technical Textile Range

Spun and Filament Fiberglass

Fiberglass holds consistent thermal units and has a low moisture build-up making it a logical choice in projects such as insulation or automotive parts. The process of creating a fiberglass coating over synthetic materials has created products that can help elongate the material while keeping structural integrity. Our spun fiberglass textiles are hand crafted in our partner mills under strict regulations and guidelines. We always adhere to the scope of the order from our clients.

Cotton Belting Ducks (Single and Multi-Layered)

This tightly woven technical textile material handles wear and tear very well because of its weight. Cotton belting duck can be a single or multi layered product. Built tough for more industrial use like conveyor or machinery belts.

Withstands washing and upholds integrity. Canwil can accommodate large orders or special orders alike. Contact us for options on dying or special requests.

Cotton Tire Cord

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Cotton tire makes up the binding technical textile that can be found in many tire brands.  The elongated cord stabilizes tires.  A rubberized mixture coats the fabric to establish the mold and uphold the performance and specs of a tire. Cotton tire cord reinforces the tire to withstand long driving distances that can endure cold or hot pavement temperatures that change the dynamic of a tire over a trip.

Blended and Polyester Belting Duck

With high tensile strength, blended and Polyester belting ducks are ideal for your conveyor belt needs. In addition, industrial conveyors carrying a consistent weighted load need a quality product that is reliable and proven to get the job done. Our textiles provide assembly products in various industries. We can accommodate large orders or special order for this fabric.

Filament Polyester duck (Belting and Filtration)

Filament Polyester duck for belting and filtration purposes creates a strong product with longevity and re-usability. This durable textile resists the weathering that comes with exposure the environment. This includes chemicals, sharp objects, and high friction. Ask us about special orders, large orders, and any further questions you have about our filament Polyester duck.

Flat and Tubular Woven V-BELT Cover Fabric

Flat and V-Belts serve the same job as a conveyor or pulley textile fabric that move the mechanisms. Both belts rotate in a constant motion and require a fabric that can elongate, but keep the properties integrity for a long time. Contact us to inquire about special or large orders for our V-Belt cover fabrics.

Cotton and Blended Fabrics for Angle Shifted Fabrics

Order our pure 100% cotton angle shifted fabric and blended fabric technical textiles to your specifications. We work with our partner mills to meet specifications and scopes for various industries. Canwil can accommodate large orders or special orders. Contact us for options on dying or special requests.

Cotton, Polyester and Nylon Chafer for Tires

Cotton, polyester, or nylon chafer construct and reinforce tires. Multiple layers of various technical textiles and material create the tire as a whole making the strongest, safest, and scientifically backed tires on the road today. Tire performance determines the material used based on the specs.

Cotton, polyester, and nylon vary in weight and density. Therefore,  specs should be kept in mind while mass producing for your business.  Sold in large quantities by the yard/ spool. We can accommodate large orders or special orders such as a dual assembly project of cotton and nylon chafer.

High Tenacity Polyester for High Pressure Industrial Hose

This strong and tenacious polyester is the perfect technical textile for your high pressure industrial hose needs.  Therefore, use our high tenacity polyester for irrigation, construction, and agricultural among other industries. Important to note, the fabric withstands a high PSI and gets the job done. Available to mass produce and we can accommodate various diameters for industrial projects. Sold by the foot.

Technical Fabrics for Abrasives

We carry technical fabrics for abrasive work you find in the automotive field, construction, or industrial field.  Use technical fabrics with abrasives for metal grinding, belt sanders for various tools, discs, belts, and many other uses across multiple industries.

Use this technical textile to grind, buff, polish, cut, many materials and minerals throughout the fields previously mentioned. Contact us for any special requests or questions about our product. Therefore, we can work with large orders with a quick turn around.

Work with Canwil Textiles for Your Technical Textile Needs

Contact us for further information on our technical textiles. We can work with you and your specifications to assist you with your fabrics.

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