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Bye, bye old pipe and drape system. Hello to Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0. Canwil Textiles now distributes Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0 accessories and retrofit products. These user-friendly designs make it easy for you to update your current pipe and drape systems in order to reap all the benefits of this innovative approach.

VT BLK Crossbar w thru rivet versatop pipe and base 2 canwil textiles

The Next Evolution of Pipe & Drape Systems

Versatop  has created products that are stronger and easier to use than traditional pipe and drape systems. Their innovative new design doesn’t mean you have to toss your current pipe, however. The system is easily retrofitted into the system you own today. Or overhaul your whole system by buying new uprights and cross bars. Let’s learn more about this amazing update.

No More Hook & Slot

The biggest change you’ll notice about the Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0 system is that there’s no hook and slot. Why get rid of the hook and slot? First of all, the old hook and slot design would often damage drape during takedown. Second, navigating the hook and slot is challenging. Requiring the perfect angle. With the new ball and socket design, you can come in from almost any angle and height for assembly.

The best part? There’s no need to get rid of old uprights. You can update them to fit the ball and socket. Range of motion is improved drastically, making it easy to assemble and takedown. This leads to less damage, especially during breakdown.

 Benefits Breakdown

Here are some good reasons to adopt the new Versatop system:

Why Having a Pipe & Drape System That Works Is Important

Setting up pipe and drape for an event or exhibit is tough. It takes lots of manpower, and every minute of installation and take-down time counts. This is why Canwil Textiles highly suggests the Versatop system. This set is easy to use. Install your system in in no time at all! The ball joint swiftly pops into the socket on your uprights.

Time is the big factor here. Working with the Versatop system makes things go faster than ever before. In the exhibit world, time is money. Get your booth erected and put away with almost no fuss. With strong components, reduce repairs. Don’t wait one more minute to upgrade your system!

Canwil: Your Source for Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0

Canwil Textiles is a preferred supplier for Versatop. We are here to answer all of your questions and troubleshoot retrofits. Our expert team of trade show professionals are ready to help you upgrade your pipe and drape system.

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