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Pipe and drape bases are the solid foundation of any pipe and drape system. Built for durability, they create a weighted base to support vertical pipes and heavy drapes. Canwil Textiles supplies both standard silver and black powder coated bases for all your event and trade show needs.

Choose from a variety of options and configurations.  For your standard trade show booth to tall audio visual setups, we have the right size base and pin for the occasion.

What Are Pipe and Drape Bases?

Pipe and drape bases are a square piece of heavy-duty metal with fittings that click into drape uprights. They are also known as floor plates.

We carry a variety of sizes and weights depending on your needs. The taller your upright pipes, the heavier the base needs to be. This is to ensure no tipping takes place. Therefore, you must find the right size for your uprights. Our skilled experts assist you with these details.

To create a stable structure, consider your base size and how you want it to look.

Sizing Considerations

Finish Considerations

We have silver finishes and black powder coated images.

Pipe and Drape Base Pins

At Canwil Textiles, we sell base pin upgrades and replacements. The size of the pin depends on the size of the upright. For instance, 2” diameter pins should only be used with 2” diameter uprights. Do you need extra stability?Taller pins should be used, especially for high-traffic halls.

For trade shows:

For Events, AV, and Weddings

Check out our selection of uprights, drape supports, and drapes.

The Anatomy of a Pipe and Drape System

Here are the basics of any pipe and drape system:

Support Rods

Drape support rods are also known as “crossbars” or “horizontal rods” used with pipe and drape systems. Canwil Textiles sells four different adjustable drape supports depending on your needs.


Pipe and drape uprights are the vertical pieces that hold up the support rods that in turn hold the support drapes. They come in both fixed and adjustable varieties.


Drapes for trade shows, events, theatres, stadiums and other venues.  Sizes range from 3′ tall to 40′ tall.  We have standard pipe pocket finishes for trade shows or we can completely customize your drape with fullness, truss teasers, or grommets.

Drape Accessories

Drape accessories are an important part of any pipe and drape system. Let’s talk about all the extra drape products Canwil has available. With these nifty items, you’ll have everything you need to create dramatic, visually-interesting backdrops for events from weddings to corporate events. We sell valance hangers, skirting clips, and more!

The Right Bases Means Safely

pipe and drape bases black canwil textiles atlanta GA

When curating your pipe and drape system components, we like to start with uprights and bases. Bases are offer the support needed to keep people safe. Improperly weighted bases can lead to uprights and supports falling over. That would be a disaster!

To ensure the safety of your kit, our fabric experts will work closely with you to ensure you understand how to assemble your kit with the RIGHT components.

One-Off and Bulk Orders

It’s our goal to provide you with a turnkey solution that works for your event. Whether you need a one-off order or require enough pipe and drape to fill a huge conference center. We have fabric and color options that are sure to give you all the options you need to keep customers happy.

Our Wholesale Prices Keep Us Competitive

Use our pipe and drape for:

Pipe and Drape Systems for Weddings and Events

Say “I do” in style! Whether you’re a wedding planner or you are a DIYer, Canwil assists you with finding the right fabrics and system for your needs. You need everything to be perfect. Pipe and drape make perfection happen.

Pipe and drape create useful spaces in large rooms. This means catering has their own space as well as the dining or ceremony space. Create canopies, chuppah, mandaps, and other variations of draping.

Create a sense of romance and wonder with pipe and drape systems. All you need is a few minutes and a little know-how to get started. Our team of pipe and drape event experts are ready to assist you!

Since our pipe and drape systems are not permanent. You can use your system over and over in different configurations for as many events as you can manage.

The most important thing is versatility. All weddings are not the SAME. And brides have different visions of what they want their wedding to look like. With pipe and drape, layer fabrics, add flowers, bows, and tiebacks for lovely variations. Attendees will say “wow” when they see your display.

According to Bridal Pulse Magazine, “Pipe & drape backdrops are an inexpensive way to transform and elevate the decor at your wedding venues, divide rooms, and more. They can be used as a backdrop for a head table, sweetheart table or even photo booths.  These backdrops can also be used around an entire room to hide plain walls and add elegance.  We’ve developed a simple new system that makes it easy for anyone to setup in a matter of minutes – no experience required!”

Not sure what pipe and drape components you need? Our experts can help. Contact us today.

Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows

Do you have to prepare for an upcoming event? Pipe and drape for trade shows are commonly used. For large exhibit halls where companies display their brand, products, and offerings, pipe and drape are crucial for organization and user experience.

Canwil Textiles can help you create single booths, in-line booths, back-to-back booths, and even meeting rooms using pipe and drape.

Benefits of Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows

Making the Right Impression at Your Next Event

Although choosing the right bases and components are crucial, we must not forget the importance of drapes to the overall look of your pipe and drape setup.


Choosing the right drape is important to the aesthetic of your event. According to Wikipedia, “Drape must be “pleated” or installed with folds for a finished look. Typically, 1.5-ft to 2.0 ft of drape is used for each running foot to be covered. The industry standard fabric for trade show drapery is Banjo. Banjo is a dobby-weave fabric made from a medium-sheen polyester yarn. It is inherently flame resistant and machine washable. Inherent flame resistance means the flame-retardant characteristics will not fade with washing.”

“Booths require two different sizes of drape: 8’ long drape which hangs between 8’ high uprights and 3’ long drape which hangs between 3’ uprights and the 3’ slot on 8’ uprights. The industry standard for trade show drapery is for the drapes to be two inches shorter than the height of the upright. A typical 8’ Banjo drape is actually 94” in finished height with 4” pockets on top and bottom. This prevents the drape from hanging on the floor and allows the panel to be flipped over when the bottom is soiled or damaged.”

Work with Canwil Textiles for All Your Pipe & Drape Needs

Not sure what pipe and drape bases right for your application? Talk to one of the textile professionals at Canwil Textiles. We’ll help you find the right products for the job. Contact us today to speak to one of our textile experts.

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