Pipe and Drape Uprights

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Canwil Textiles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of telescoping and fixed pipe and drape uprights. We have ready supply of standard trade show fixed uprights in both 3′ and 8′ heights to fit a 1.5″ diameter pin. These can be used in conjunction with our telescoping drape supports.

Pipe and drape uprights are the vertical piece that hold up the support rods that in turn hold the support drapes. 

Our premium slip collar uprights fit standard 2″ diameter pins. All our telescoping uprights have laser etched heights at 1′ intervals for quick setup. The top of our telescoping uprights has a rivet stop that keeps the smallest tube from disappearing into the main tube.

Fixed Uprights

Pipe and drape fixed uprights are non-telescoping. They come in a variety of sizes. Canwil sells 3 foot uprights and 8 foot uprights. If you plan on using the same height for all of your events, fixed uprights may be right for you. They are great for low-traffic areas.

Adjustable Uprights

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Adjustable uprights are the most versatile. You can set different heights throughout your space depending on your needs. Also, it’s easy to do multiple events using the same uprights since they are adjustable. Here are our adjustable upright sizes (all are 2 inches in diameter): 6-10 ft, 7-12 ft, 8-14 ft, 9-16 ft, 10-18 ft, 14-26 ft, 9-23 ft (3 Pc).

As you can see, adjustable uprights can reach a far greater size than any of the fixed uprights. The biggest limiting factor to the sizes of fixed uprights is transportation. Most standard vehicles can’t fit much more than an 8 foot upright. Therefore, adjustable is the way to go for very tall (over 8 foot) application.

Events Using Pipe & Drape Systems

There are so many ways to use pipe and drape! Here are some ways our customers utilize Canwil’s pipe and drape products:

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a popular place to see pipe and drape systems. Why? Because each company is given their own booth. The only way to segment such a large space is to set up temporary barriers with cloth. Pipe and drape have the unique ability to create this environment. Therefore, it is almost exclusively used for trade shows.


Like trade shows, banquet halls often require room segmentation. Smaller parties and events don’t always need to use the full space. Pipe and drape allow partial spaces to be used. In addition, hanging cloth hides areas such as coat checks, catering set-up areas, and temporary employee break rooms.


There’s lots going on at a wedding. To create a special kind of ambiance and to keep the background workings from interfering with the event, pipe and drape is often used. Often taking place in banquet halls or hotel ballrooms, weddings require temporary barriers for a variety of reasons – from the aesthetic to the operational.

Photo Booths

Photo booths need backdrops. Although there are some photo booth backdrops you can buy for the sole purpose of taking photos. However, pipe and drape uprights and drapes are great multi-purpose items. They can easily be used as photo booth and red carpet backdrops!

Outdoor Party/Decor

Outdoor parties benefit from pipe and drape sets. Instead of just using a tent, create special spaces and large backdrops for outdoor events. Adorned with lighting and other accessories, pipe and drape are an awesome addition to any outdoor event.

How to Use Pipe & Drape Uprights

Setting up your display is easier than you think! Think of pipe and drape systems like heavy-duty erector sets. Here are four easy steps to putting up pipe and drape.

  1. Assemble your base. We have two base sizes. One is 18 x 18 inches and the other is 8 x 14 inches. These bases come with a standard 1.5″ diameter x 3″ tall pin and screw.
  2. Slip your uprights onto your base. This is pretty easy and the uprights fit snugly onto the base for maximum stability.
  3. Slide your drape onto the support rod. Drape support rods are also known as “crossbars” or “horizontal rods” used with pipe and drape systems. Simply slide your preferred drape through the support rod within the drape sleeve. Don’t fuss over the way the drape falls just yet! You’ll have time to adjust.
  4. Pop in your uprights. Place the support rods into the uprights. They click in easily! Then you can adjust your drape to fall exactly as you like! For added interest, alternate drape colors.

As always, we want to emphasize the importance of spacing. Make sure your event space and pipe and drape system are planned out properly so that you choose the right pipe and drape uprights and support rods.

Wasn’t that easy? Pipe and drape systems are honestly, the easiest way to set up venues for parties and events. It does the job inexpensively and beautifully.

Tips for Using Pipe & Drape

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Again, the biggest thing is spacing. Make sure you plan your space out properly! It will save you effort later when you are trying to position things. Don’t be afraid to sit down with a piece of paper and actually map out your event space. It will give you an idea of your spacial constraints.

Secondly, make sure your base pins are screwed in properly. This provides the proper support for the uprights. This is not just a safety measure. It’s necessary. So, be sure to double check all your base pins.

Lastly, when you’re done assembling your drape, add some final special touches. You can attach signage, floral decor and more to add extra customization to your drape! There are great ideas on Pinterest and other event planning websites.

Canwil Textiles: Your Source for Pipe and Drape Uprights

Canwil Textiles is your ONE source for all things pipe and drape related. You don’t need to deal with multiple vendors. Streamline your event planning by working with us!

Our experts will guide your through your purchase and continue to advise you as you need us. Contact us today to get started.

Standard sizes available:

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