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Drape accessories are an important part of any pipe and drape system. Let’s talk about all the extra drape products Canwil has available. With these nifty items, you’ll have everything you need to create dramatic, visually-interesting backdrops for events from weddings to corporate events.

Valance Hangers

3inch valance hanger canwil textiles pipe and drape accessories

Create amazing drape with our Canwil’s valance hangers. Valance hangers allow you to create a layered look to your wedding, party or photo booth backdrop. Valance hangers allow you to have multiple levels of fabric.

For corporate events, you can hang signage or banners.

How to Use Valance Hangers

valance hanger with cross bar pipe and drape accessories canwil textiles

Valance hangers give you a 2-layer cross bar. Two cross bars allow you to hang a double layer of fabric in creative ways for an added dimension beyond a simple drape. We offer both 3” and 7” hangers so that you have options for how much depth you want to create.

Here are some quick-use directions:

Table Skirting Clips

Table skirting is necessary for any event. It creates a definite sense of elegance. Our table skirting clips are available in a variety of sizes, and are used to secure table skirting to tables. Our table skirting clips are made of the highest quality plastic. We kept durability in mind!

table skirting clips drape accessories canwil textiles


table skirting drape accessories canwil textiles

Because you’ll be using these clips again and again for all your events. We stand by our commitment to high-quality drape accessories. These are a really affordable way to secure your table skirting.

To use, simply snap the clip onto the table’s edge. Then, attach the table skirting to the clip. When the event is over, pull the table skirting from the clip, and then remove the clip from the table. Super easy!

Table Skirt Hangers

In order to transport your table skirts in a way that keeps them from wrinkling, check out our table skirt hangers. These are must-have drape accessories.

We don’t just offer flimsy wire hangers. These are tough hangers made to last. It’s also really easy to use. Just fold or roll your table skirting and slide it into the opening of the hanger.

skirt hanger drape accessories canwil textiles

This allows you to hang your table skirting wherever you need when it’s not being used. What’s even more amazing is that it’ll be ready for you (without fold marks!) when you need it next.

Table Skirt Hanger Features

Drape Support Clamp

No need for custom slots! Take your pipe and drape system to the next level with our drape support clamps.

Drape support clamps are placed on vertical uprights where valance hangers can be hung. Place these at any level on your upright to create even more layered looks. With this great product, you can place another crossbar anywhere along your uprights.

4 Way Drape Support

Four way drape support opens up a whole new world for pipe and drape systems. This allows drape support rods to go in 4 directions! Simply install by inserting the pin to the top of the upright. This design allows you to use fewer uprights and bases.

4way drape support drape accessories canwil textiles

Canwil Textiles: Your Source for Drape Accessories

Not sure what accessories you need for your next event? Contact one of our fabric experts for the advice you need to make your event successful.

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