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Canwil provides the AV industry with a wide range of finished products. These include but are not limited to IFR drapes, cart skirting, projection screen dress kits, stage skirting, pipe and drape, and much more. We stock a range of expendables like commando, duvetyne, muslin other flame retardant fabrics.

Audio visual products help you communicate and connect with your customers, employees, or whoever you audience is. Our high quality products are all customized in-house. Our skilled fabric experts are here to guide you through your next audio visual project. Whatever size your organization or needs are, Canwil Textiles is ready to assist you.

Our Audio Visual Products are often used for:

IFR Drapes

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IFR Drapes, or Inherently Flame Retardant Drapes, are safe and self-extinguishing. They can even be washed without impacting the efficacy of the flame retardant properties. For IFR Drapes, flame retardants are built right into the fibers and fixed to the fabric’s structure. 

Use IFR Drapes as theater drapes when you want to use them in the long-term. The upfront investment is a touch more than FR Drapes, or Flame Retardant Drapes. FR Drapes, if needing to be cleaned often can be problematic as their chemicals applied to them may be washed off during cleaning. In general, FR Drapes have a one year life expectancy. Plus, things like dust and humidity can hamper their efficacy. For a long-term solution, IFR Drapes are the perfect solution.

Cart Skirting & Projection Screen Dress Kits

As an event planner or AV professional, you understand that details make a difference! 

We’ve got you covered for all your audio visual needs. This includes cart skirting and projection screen dress kits. From fitted covers to traditional skirts, Canwil Textiles is your premier supplier. 

For events, cart skirting makes industrial equipment look more professional and elegant. Use cart skirting to hide wires and other equipment. We have popular colors such as black and white as well as others. Just contact our fabric experts today to see what we can do for you.

Our cart skirts are washable, easy to use, and durable. We have many options available for your use.

Pipe & Drape

What is Pipe & Drape?

Pipe and drapes create segmented spaces to help transform an area. Essentially, pipe and drape consists of a weighted base, aluminum pipes used both vertically and horizontally and fabric drapes. Two pipes sit in the base to provide support for one horizontal pole. This pole supports the drapes that are hung. 

Pipe and drape is a very easy and convenient way to partition off a room, hide unwanted parts or provide a more intimate setting. It’s often used at conventions or trade shows and allow you to meet with customers in a more secluded space. But pipe and drape is also used for more high end settings as well. Weddings and other celebrations can benefit from using pipe and drape. 

Pipe and Drape Uses

Pipe and drape can be used for almost any of your special events, but here are some of the most common uses.

Accessories for Events

Pipe and drape help beautify and add utility to an area. However, there are also accessories that are commonly used with a regular pipe and drape set. For instance, take a look at some of the accessories below.

Storage Solutions

We offer many pipe and drape storage solutions to meet anyone’s needs. Whether you have multiple sets for a whole exhibit hall or are just a company with one booth, we can help you find the storage solution that makes sense for you. 

Ask us about our storage solutions for pipes, bases and uprights. Above all, we work hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Work with Canwil Textiles for All Your Audio Visual Product Needs

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We want your next project to be a success! Therefore, our fabric and audio visual products experts are ready to assist you with whatever your needs are. We’ll also work with you on price, so you can stay within your budget.

Call 678.985.5434 x201 and our experts will help you get started today.

Check out our selection of uprights, drape supports, table skirting and bases.

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