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Looking for affordable pipe and drape for sale? Look no further. Canwil Textiles brings you stunning pipe and drape systems so you’ll find yourself prepared for your next big event.

If you’ve been to a trade show or convention, you’ve seen a pipe and drape kit at work. Commercial shows and official gatherings call for pipe and drapery for many reasons, but typically find their use heavily in the events industry. Drape and pipe kits, simple yet sophisticated structures, elevate any sort of occasion.

What exactly does a pipe and drape system do? Learn all about the right pipe and drape system so you can find the right kit that’ll work for your needs.

What is Pipe and Drape?

If you’re new to the events or hospitality industry, you may be wondering exactly what is pipe and drape? More than likely, you’ve seen pipe and drape systems in action. If you’ve visited a trade show for business or enjoyed some time at a fun convention, you’ve seen drapery suspended by piping systems that offer different setups for their users.

Piping kits using various forms of drape fabric not only exist for events. They work well when used for concerts and museum exhibits too. Different styles of pipe and drape systems work for various events, but also custom made pipe and drape kits are essential for other events.

There are many different reasons why someone would want a custom kit for piping and draping. Special, one-of-a-kind events like a wedding or even large, gatherings attributed to milestone moments mean you’ll want to invest in something as unique as your special day will be. Outfitting your occasion with a special pipe and drape kit elevates your event, making it everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.

Now that you know exactly what pipe and drape systems are, what are the best materials for your kit? Canwil Textiles is here to help get you the kit you’ll need for your next gathering or corporate event.

Pipe Kit Materials

Pipe and drape hardware exists for all styles of kits for events and ceremonies. The piping comes in different types of material depending on the setup. Usually, the style of piping material that’s manufactured is a lightweight metal that’s not only sturdy, but will securely hold the drapery fabric in place.

Piping materials typically come in aluminum or other light metal materials. This offers users convenient transport that’s not too heavy, but will still hold your kit in place when it’s up. The poles for the piping side of a pipe and drape kit also come in different styles depending on your preference of suspension.

Piping kits offer telescopic poles with locking clamps and button locks, or plain upright, fixed height poles. The telescopic poles let users set the height of their piping kit, while upright poles are at a set height. Usually, telescopic poles find their use more than poles that are one size.

Whether fixed height poles or telescopic ones, Canwil Textiles will help find what you’re looking for in conjunction with your next event or gathering. We’re here to help you achieve the look you’re going for so that you won’t have to worry about your pipe and drapery system at the final moment. We’ll also help you obtain all of the necessary accessories and fabric for your systems so that you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

Other Accessories for Pipe Systems

For drape support in pipe systems, there’s a slew of accessories that work well for your setup. Some excellent accessories for pipe systems are:

With these accessories and more, your drapery and pipe system maintains a ready-to-use ease with successful setup time. You’ll enjoy your overall setup with the extra support these accessories will bring to your pipe kit.

Drape Fabric Styles

Pipe systems are incomplete without the proper drapery. The right kind of pipe and drape backdrop fabric will elevate your kit and give its viewers a clear perception of what you’re end goal is. We’ll explore some of the premium drape fabric styles that’ll work best for your overall setup.

Commando Fabric

Commando fabric works best for complete blackout applications. This thick fabric gives a stage-like presence to your drapery and pipe kit. Also flame retardant, the fabric remains compliant when used in corporate or commercial settings.

Commando cloth varieties bring an elegant look to your drapery. At 98% opacity, light won’t easily seep through this cloth. From photo booth applications to exhibits, commando fabric brings sophistication to your setup.

Banjo Cloth

Slightly sheer, banjo cloth gives a unique look to your drapery. It drapes well with other styles of fabric to bring a lovely layered look. Banjo cloth classifies as inherently flame retardant which means it’ll work well in a commercial venue.

Our banjo cloth comes in various colors. It has a distinctive jacquard texture, giving it an unusual look compared to most drape fabrics. This interesting fabric brings fun flair to backdrop kits and special occasions where fabric and lighting work best.

Voile & Sheer Fabric

Voile and sheer fabric creates intricate setups when paired with other drape fabrics. The lightweight properties of this fabric means it’ll drape well over pipe kits by itself or with other drapery styles. For special occasions like weddings or milestone events, this fabric works well with lighting setups for stunning, memorable looks.

Voile and sheer drapery textile is flame resistant, so using it at a convention is possible. It’s available in multiple colors, so you’ll find what you’re looking for with ease.

Velour Fabric

You’ve more than likely seen velour fabric at a theater or upscale event. Used for galas or even personal home movie theater setups, velour fabric drapes beautifully in many different settings. This synthetic fabric is also inherently flame retardant for commercial use.

This plush, one-of-a-kind fabric creates a look reminiscent of luxury and opulence. Offered in various colors, people will want to see what your booth or offering is all about when you use velour fabric.

Flame Retardant Drapery

Many of our drapery fabrics offered come equipped with flame retardant properties. You may ask yourself, what is flame retardant fabric? A fabric is considered flame retardant, or resistant, based on a number of defining factors.

For a fabric to consider itself flame retardant, it must pass several qualifications outlined in the National Fire Protection Association’s standard guide. The guide classifies flame resistance based upon different characteristics. For example, for FR fabrics (or flame retardant fabrics) to consider themselves as resistant, they must go through a chemical processing that upholds the NFPA standard.

There are certain fabrics that classify as IFR, or inherently flame retardant. IFR fabrics aren’t chemically treated after manufacture, rather they’re yarns were already made from materials considered flame resistant. Fabrics like our Poly Premiere fabric and most of our theatre and event fabrics adhere to the NFPA’s standard.

That takes the guesswork out of the drapery you’ll use for an event that’ll require your setup is up to code. Many venues will insist that your equipment follows fire and safety codes, so we’ve made it simple with our superior selection of flame retardant drapery. You’ll rest assured knowing you’re following protocol when you prepare your next event.

Pipe and Drape Kits for Trade Show Booths

Pipe and drape backdrop kits showcase the best of your business. Take your marketing and brand engagement to the next level. Pipe and drape adds a level of formality and professionalism for your next in-house or travelling event. We offer a variety of tools and accessories to help you streamline your business and trade show booths.

For customers who organize and run tradeshows, we suggest Canwil’s pipe and drape for sale at wholesale prices. Our team is adept at working on large orders requiring coordination and quality assurance. Canwil works closely with our B2B clients in order to create an experience that takes the stress off of purchasing. If you want to improve your facility’s hardware or upgrade items you currently have, don’t wait another moment – contact our experts today.

Other Occasions Using Pipe and Drape Systems

Of course, trade shows aren’t the only occasions where pipe and drape systems are utilized. Any conference center or hall may use pipe and drape for the following events:

Should You Buy or Rent Pipe and Drape Kits?

Deciding whether or not to buy or rent pipe and drape kids can be a bit difficult. Our fabric experts suggest that you consider your schedule and use of these products. If you are planning one wedding, then pipe and drape rental will likely be a better option. However, if you’re planning to reuse your pipe and drape set many times over, then purchasing some outright should be considered.

pipe and drape wedding canwil

Due to the versatility of pipe and drape, you should not hesitate to purchase some outright. For our business clients who will absolutely see repeated use of these products, then the answer is clear: purchase drape, pipe, and accessories outright.

Canwil Textiles Event Assistance and Wholesale

Canwil has the expertise you need to transform and supply any event with pipe and drape. We offer wholesale pipe and drape and consulting for your next event. Our fabric experts understand that events require complex planning. Let us remove some of that stress by helping you choose the right pipe and drape for your application.

No job is too big or small for our team. Have questions? Contact our fabric experts today.

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