Nylon Hook and Loop Fasteners

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Hook and loop fasteners are a type of closure that consists of two pieces: a hook side and a loop side. The two pieces are joined together by interlocking the hooks with the loops. This type of closure is often used in place of buttons, snaps, or zippers and is particularly well-suited for applications where repeated opening and closing are expected.

Hook and loop fasteners are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles to suit nearly any need. They can secure clothing, bags, or other items and are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications. When shopping for hook and loop fasteners, it is essential to consider the application’s specific needs to ensure that the correct product is selected.

Product details
Hook:  1”, 1.5”, 2”
Loop 1”, 1.5”, 2”
Detailed Specs:
Material 100% Polyamide (Nylon)
Construction Woven
Composition Hook (monofilament PA 6.6; weft and warp PA 6) Loop (PA6)
UV resistance Polyamide has marginal resistance to sunlight
Melting Point of Nylon From -22F to 220F
Softening Point of Nylon 356 F
Back-Coating solvent-based PU resin
Weight/sqin Hook (.20 gram), Loop(.21 gram) +/- 10%
Thickness Hook(2.05 mm), Loop (2.2mm) +/-.2mm


Strength Peel Strength Sheer Strength
After 1 Cycle Min .97 PIW Min 10.65 PSI
After 5000 Cycle Min .57 PIW Min 6.39 PSI
Cycles=# of openings & closings

What Are They Fasteners Made Of?

These popular and useful fasteners are made of two parts: the hooks, which are made of a stiffer material, and the loops, which are made of a softer material. The hooks catch on the loops and vice versa, which allows the two pieces to be connected. These fasteners are often used in place of buttons or zippers, and they’re handy for quick and easy changes.

How Do Hook And Loop Fasteners Differ From Velcro?

Hook and loop fasteners adhere two pieces of material together in various applications. Unlike Velcro, which is a two-sided hook and loop system, our fasteners consist of two separate pieces: the hook side and the loop side. The hook side has small hooks that attach to the loops on the loop side. This enables a stronger bond than Velcro can provide, making it perfect for industrial or automotive applications requiring a strong attachment.

Sew-On Tapes 

Sew-On tapes are non-adhesive and must be sewn into the surface(s) that require fastening. Primarily applied to textiles like apparel. If you need sew-on hook and loop fasteners or have questions about how a sew-on hook and loop be perfect for your project, give us a call. 

How Do They Work?

Hook and loop fasteners, also known as Velcro, are a type of fabric closure typically used to secure clothing or products. The fasteners consist of two strips of fabric, one with small hooks and the other with loops. When one presses the strips together, the hooks catch on the loops, thereby securely fastening the two pieces.  These fasteners are strong and easy to use, making them popular for various applications.

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