We offer a custom manufacturing on sewn and made-ups as well as some stock items in bags and tarps. Canwil Textiles takes your design from prototyping to full scale production. We can source and assemble every component of the finished product. This keeps the price down and the process streamlined.

Heavy-weight Cotton Duck Bags and Totes

Other products include but not limited to mail bags, shopping bags, specialty aprons, swing sets, inflatables and much more!

Made-Ups for Marketing & Merch

Made-ups are textiles manufactured into a variety of useful products such as canvas bags, carpets, tapestries, pillow covers, kitchen linens, and other craft items. Due to the cost-effective nature of their manufacture, made-ups are perfect for marketing purposes.

Canvas bags and apparel can be printed for marketing giveaways or sold as merch for brands and artists. With our custom printing capabilities, we can print made-ups for you or sell you the product as-is. It all depends on what your needs are. 

Our textile experts will work with you to find the right product made of the right materials for your needs. Canwil Textiles creates made-ups from the highest quality cotton and blended fabrics.

For DIY Projects

made ups apron canwil textiles

Many of our made-ups don’t feature any patterns or printing. You can get canvas bags, for instance, that allow you to decorate your own made-ups. This is a perfect idea for DIY-lovers and crafters. 

Some of our customers like to use plain made-ups to make customized gifts for sale or just for family members. We sell a rigger bag, coal bag, heavyweight shopping bag, and painters totes from cotton duck fabric. We also create aprons, swing sets, inflatables, and more. 

Important to note, Canwil Textiles creates a variety of made-ups for your use. If you have a need, we have the ability to customize a number of items per your specifications.


Other products include but are not limited to mail bags, shopping bags, specialty aprons, swing sets, inflatables and much more!

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