Tex-Tex is a lightweight polyester fabric with a textured surface. It’s often used to make tents, but it also has many applications that are not related to camping. For example, Tex-Tex can be found in the seats of boats and on kayaks because it resists water and moisture better than nylon or cotton fabrics would. The benefits of this fabric are numerous, which is why so many people choose to use it for their projects!  

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What is Tex-Tex Fabric and How Does it Work?

tex tex textured polyester
Textured Poly

This is a fabric with textured polyester that often serves as the outer layer of tents. Tex-Tex fabric has been used to make lightweight, waterproof tarps as well. The fabric fibers make it naturally waterproof and resistant to water damage. Tex-Tex fabric is often used for boating gear, like the seats of boats, because it resists moisture better than other fabrics would.

This textured polyester can also be found on kayaks in areas where resistance against moisture is necessary. The benefits are numerous with this textile; so many people choose to use it when making their projects! 

Some common applications include: tents, waterproof tarps, boat seats and kayaks as well as outdoor furniture cushions. It’s especially popular for campers who want lightweight materials that will resist tears or punctures from sharp objects such as rocks or branches while they’re out on a hike through the woods.

Why Use Tex-Tex?

You should use Tex-Tex if you want a lightweight, easy-to-clean fabric that resists tearing and puncture.

Tex-Tex is waterproof and breathable which makes it perfect for outdoor use! It’s also very resistant to water so you can rest assured that your tent will stay dry in the event of heavy rain or condensation from inside the tent building up on outside surfaces. This means more time around campfires with friends instead of taking down wet tents after a long day out!

How to Sew with Tex-Tex

Here are some tips for working with textured polyester fabric:

Benefits of Using This Lightweight Tent Fabric

This fabric is naturally lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to water, dirt, and mold. The benefits of using Tex-Tex instead of nylon or cotton fabrics are numerous; among them are its durability, light weight factor, flexibility availability in different colors—including camouflage patterns! This fabric is perfect for any lover of the outdoors, and its uses are numerous.

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