Canwil Textiles offers a robust and reliable solution with their Heavy Duty Knitted Mesh, made from high-tenacity polyester yarn. This is dyed, heat-set and finished with a medium crisp hand that ensures exceptional durability and performance.

This heavy-duty knitted mesh finds its applications in various demanding industries, including industrial laundry slings, lawn mower bag mesh, grass catcher mesh, cargo mesh, truck covers, and patient transfer slings. Its rugged construction and semi-crisp hand provide the strength and resilience required for challenging tasks, making it an essential choice for professionals seeking dependable and long-lasting textile solutions. Trust Canwil Textiles to deliver quality you can rely on in the most demanding environments.

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green

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150D + 840D 100% Poly

Item #:



Heat Set, Dyed, Firm Hand


Piece Dyed


600 lbf (ASTM D6797-15)


WxF > 14 x > 14 (ASTM D1424)




340 GSM 10 oz


330×480 lbf WxF (ASTM D5034)


700 Cycles (ASTM D3884)

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Grasscatcher Mesh

High Tenacity Knitted Mesh

In the vast world of textiles, where the demand for durability and strength often challenges the capabilities of ordinary

materials, Canwil Textiles rises above the rest with its high tenacity knitted mesh. Engineered from the finest high-

tenacity polyester yarn, this fabric is more than just a mesh – it’s a testament to innovation, research, and a

commitment to excellence.



Heavy Duty Knitted Mesh: The Ultimate Solution in Durable Textiles

The applications of this textile marvel are diverse, reflecting its versatile strength. In the world of industrial laundry, it’s

the go-to material for crafting slings that bear substantial weight and repeated use. Garden enthusiasts and

professionals alike rely on it for lawn mower bag meshes and grass catcher meshes, valuing its ability to withstand

rough usage and external elements. For cargo transport, the heavy-duty knitted mesh excels as cargo mesh and truck

covers, ensuring goods are protected and secure. Even in the healthcare industry, it plays a vital role as patient

transfer slings, supporting individuals with utmost care.

But what truly sets Canwil Textiles’ knitted mesh apart is its semi-crisp hand – a feature that not only adds to its

aesthetic appeal but also amplifies its rugged construction. This ensures that regardless of the task, the mesh holds

strong, outperforming and outlasting standard materials.

In the heart of every demanding industry lies the need for reliable materials. With Canwil Textiles, professionals don’t

just get a textile; they get a promise – a promise of unmatched quality, endurance, and trustworthiness. Choose

Canwil, and experience the gold standard in durable textiles.

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Phone: 678.985.5434

Email: [email protected]

Location: 1520 University Drive

Auburn, GA 30011


Care and Cleaning

  • Washing: Use cold or warm water with mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Hand wash by gently agitating in lukewarm water if preferred. Avoid bleach.
  • Drying: Air-dry by laying flat on a towel. If machine drying, use the lowest heat setting or air-fluff option.


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