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Canwil Textiles has been supplying industrial filter fabrics and filter bags for over 10 years. Our fabrics and filter bags are used in the cement, steel, asphalt and chemical industries. These products help factories reduce dust and chemical emissions into the atmosphere while efficiently decontaminating and allowing for improved airflow.

Our filter fabrics are used in multiple industries like construction and manufacture of products that produce dust. Our fabrics were created to withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and contact with viscous materials. Canwil Textiles offers a range of filtration solutions including drum, belt filters, and press filter fabrics.

We manufacture and supply woven and needle-punched non-woven fabrics according to customer specifications. With our wide offering of filter felts we can offer products for almost every industry and for very specific applications.

Features & Applications

Strong Construction
Easy to Use
Low Maintenance
Cement Work
More Applications
Oil and Gas
Paper/Pulp Manufacture
Sugar Processing


History of Filter Fabrics

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Filter fabrics were created in the mid 1900’s as an experiment to create a material that could help stop shoreline erosion. At the time only non permeable practices were in place to stop this from happening. At the introduction of filter fabrics, a solution was created to allow water flow while holding the shoreline in place.

It is common to see choices such as woven, non woven, spunbond, polyspun, etc. The choice is based on use of separating material, reinforcing a structure, or filtering usage. The stronger material will be woven, but not allow for filtering and flow as well. Non woven material is our needle punch line and is a great product for your filtration needs. While a spun-bond is light, but has low strength capabilities.

As the filter fabric process evolved to include multiple manufacturing practices, it carried into other industries such as roads, retaining structures, railroads, air fields, and construction. Fabric used on the side of roads through mountains or beneath stone rip-rap. Presently, it is in use for the food industry and medical field too.

Our Finishing Capabilities

Needle-punch Felt Capabilities

Woven Filter Capabilities

Use woven filters to clean out particles. Fabrics made of spun fabric or yarn, polyester, nylon, poly-vinyl or mono-filament fabrics.

Construction industries use these surface filters. Fabrics strain, sift, or sort particles of different sizes. Their capabilities include medical filters used in advanced procedures, automotive transmission filters, fuel injection and other mechanical filters, filters used as sifting devices in the food processing industry, as well as heavy fabrics used as alone shoreline projects.

Micron Rated Filter Mesh

Micron rated filter mesh serves industries for products like food, beverages, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, adhesives, paints, paper and more.

Finished Products

These filters are complete and ready to use for your needs in industries from HVAC to the food industry. This collects dust in but allows for air to flow out in vacuum. Press filter bags allow for resin, sludge, or particles to be separated or pressed while keeping the unwanted material at bay.


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