Custom Windscreens

At Canwil, our custom windscreens are not just fabric barriers; they are solutions designed to enhance the

functionality, appearance, and utility of your commercial spaces. From athletic fields and parking lots to expansive

commercial fences, these screens are useful in creating a comfortable and effective environment. Tailored to suit a

range of applications including tennis courts, baseball fields, and other large areas requiring a wind block or privacy,

wind screens are the answer to multiple challenges faced in open spaces.

The Benefits of Custom Windscreens


Weather Protection: One of the primary benefits of wind screens is the protection they offer against strong winds.

Especially in athletic fields, a sudden gust of wind can affect the trajectory of balls, leading to unfair play. Our custom

baseball windscreens and athletic windscreens are designed to mitigate this by buffering against and reducing wind

velocity, ensuring a consistent environment for play.

Enhanced Privacy: For venues that require a certain degree of privacy, these screens act as effective barriers,

obscuring the view from the outside. This can be particularly useful for exclusive events or private practice sessions.

Noise Reduction: In bustling commercial areas, noise can be a major disturbance. Wind screens serve as an

additional layer, helping dampen external noises and providing a quieter, more focused environment.

Temperature Control: While they primarily protect against wind, our custom windscreens also offer shade, which can

reduce the heat in warm, sunny conditions. This makes for a more comfortable environment for both players and


Visual Appeal: Beyond functionality, our wind screens can be customized to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your

space. With various colors, patterns, and the option to print logos or other branding elements, they can be an integral

part of your venue’s branding strategy.

Durability: Made with high-quality materials, custom windscreens are designed to withstand the elements. They resist

fading, tearing, and wear-and-tear, ensuring that your investment is long-lasting.

Ease of Installation: Despite their robust nature, our wind screens are incredibly easy to install. Whether you’re

setting up for a temporary event or need a permanent solution, these screens can be secured easily and efficiently.

Versatility: Beyond traditional uses in sports fields and courts, these screens are versatile and can be used in various

commercial settings. Whether it’s for crowd control at large events or as temporary barriers during construction, their

potential applications are vast.


Customization with Canwil

We understand that every commercial space has unique needs. That’s why we offer a range of customization options.

From dimensions to design elements, Canwil will work with you to ensure your windscreen is tailor-made for your



Size: Regardless of how large your space is, we can provide wind screens that fit perfectly.

Design: Opt for solid colors, patterns, or get your branding printed. Our high-quality printing ensures that the

designs are vibrant and enduring.

Material Choice: Depending on your needs – whether it’s maximum wind protection, heightened privacy, or

enhanced aesthetic appeal – we offer a range of materials to choose from.


For any business or organization, presenting a professional and functional environment is paramount. Invest in a

solution that not only addresses immediate needs but also adds long-term value. Order your custom windscreen today

and elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

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