Our bonded polyester thread is a continuous filament, high tenacity uv stable thread used in every major industry. Bonded polyester thread is used in tarpaulin, awning, boat covers, sailing, backpacks and travel packs, luggage and many more industries. A very unique bonding process is used which reduces unraveling during mult-directional sewing. Our bonded sewing thread is available in industry standard sizes and put-ups. We stock up to 17 colors on certain common sizes. Call us today for pricing and availability.
Properties of Bonded Polyester Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread

Style #Tex #Make up (m)# of ColorsNeedle SizeBobbin Styles (B&W)
1520716 KS7Nm 170-200
2013516 KS76Nm 120-150L G M U
309016, 8, 4 KS9Nm 110-140L G M U
406916 KS95Nm 100-120L G M U

Color Chart:

Bonded Polyester Thread

What is bonded polyester thread?

According to

“Polyester Thread is made from 100% polyester and is suitable for most of sewing process. It provides strength and elasticity for sewing on fabrics made of synthetic, natural or blended fibers. All purpose polyester thread is great for knit, stretch and permanent press fabrics because of its stretch and recovery and its non-shrinkage. Most polyester threads have wax or silicone finish helping them slip through the fabric with a minimum of friction.

“Bonded: Treating continuous filament nylon or polyester with a special resin that encapsulates the filaments is called bonding. The result is a tough smooth coating that ads significantly to the thread’s ability to resist abrasion and greatly enhances ply security.”

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