Awning fabric is a must-have for any outdoor living space. It can be used to create an outdoor room that feels comfortable and inviting, while protecting you from the elements. While it may seem like a simple material, there are many types of fabric for awnings out there to choose from. Let’s discuss the different kinds of fabrics, the benefits they provide and how to clean them when they get dirty!

Poly-cotton Awning Fabric

Lightweight Polyester Fabric

1. What is Awning Fabric?

Generally, awning fabric is typically a lightweight, woven fabric that is coated with acrylic or vinyl and can be found in either natural fibers such as cotton duck, linen, hemp or synthetic blends. Fabric awnings provide protection from the sun, wind and rain for your outdoor living space. It also helps to divert flying insects away from you while enjoying time outside!

Our awning fabric is made from either acrylic or canvas.

2. What are the Benefits of Using Fabric for an Awning on Your Porch or Deck?

The benefits of this special fabrics for awning applications are:

3. How to Choose the Right Color for Your Home’s Exterior Design

Finding the right color fabric for your awning might seem like a tough choice, but here are some tips from our fabric experts:

4. Do you Need a Professional Installer?

Well, we suggest a professional installer if you have any doubts about installation.

But, if you want to try it yourself there are some things to know:

First, you’ll need some basic tools. The fabric can be installed with screws or staples depending on the type of material and your preference.

Second, to choose the best location for mounting, measure from where the bottom edge of the awning fabric will be mounted to the ground or on your home’s siding. Remember, this measurement is in addition to how far you want your awning fabric to cover from the outer edge of where it’s installed.

Third, measure and cut your material before installing.

Lastly, enjoy your new awning fabric!

5. How To Clean This Fabric

Clean awning fabric simply with mild soap and water. You can use your hose or a bucket to wet the fabric, then use your hand or sponge and soap. Then, rinse off with clear water and allow it to air dry in the sun until it is fully dry.

Get the Best Fabric from Canwil

At Canwil, we provide the best acrylic and canvas awning fabric. Our material is lightweight, easy to clean and does not sag. You can get yours in dozens of colors from black to green. Contact us if you need any guidance on the right material for your awning.

Canwil offers awning fabric for sale at wholesale prices that are sure to make your wallet happy!

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