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These days, indoor air quality has taken a dive. Forced air, allergens, pollution, and more infiltrate our indoor spaces every day. For some, this can cause real symptoms like headaches, poor sleep, and asthma. At your home, office, or other place of work, you should feel safe and secure. Most air filtration systems just don’t hold up. Today, there’s a new product using technology developed by NASA, FDA cleared with the 510k designation, and is a Class 2 medical device: Airocide.



The Technology

Airocide works by using a fan that draws the air from your home into the unit. The air is slowly pushed across hollow glass tubes. These tubes are coated with what is called a catalyst. The name for this process is Photocatalytic Oxidation. It is safe, efficient, and has been proven to produce no harmful byproducts. This is the exact same process NASA uses as a VOC air purifier on the International Space Station!

While the technology may be complex, the product is easy to use. Simply plug it in and let it go to work cleaning the air in your room. As a Class 2 medical device cleared by the FDA, you know you have the best air purification system, made by the best engineers and scientists.


Discovery made by scientists at the Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics – a NASA Commercial Space Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Airocide Benefits


Device nominated as Discover Magazine’s Product of the Year in 1998.

A New Way to Clean Your Home’s Air

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Your home is your safe haven and where you spend a lot of your time! These days, even more of us are home than ever – whether we’re remote working or otherwise. Pet and environmental allergens, pollution, and even VOCs from cooking our foods, can cause the indoor air quality to decrease.

With Airocide, you can support your family’s health by using this innovative product to clean each room. There are Airocide models of various sizes depending on the dimensions of your room. Our technical specialists are ready to help you find the right Airocide product for your home.

Commercial & Industrial Air Purification

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Airocide’s patented technology is one-of-a-kind. Not only does this do a great job eliminating ethylene gas, it has also been clinically proven to eradicate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold — even anthrax. From food preservation to healthcare, this technology is efficient and effective. Airocide is perfect for companies who prioritize the safety of their employees, customers, and anyone who visits the workplace.

Our technical specialists are ready to consult with you on choosing the right Airocide air purifier for your business. Here are some other industries that benefit from Airocide:



The possibilities where this technology can be utilized is nearly limitless.


Developed by NASA for Use in Space.

Comparison Chart

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Consider Canwil Textiles your official Airocide vendor. Our dedicated team of air purification technicians are ready to talk with you and offer advice on the best products for your home or business. Keep your home and place of work free and clear of risky viruses, pollutants, allergens, and more! Improved air quality means improved quality of life.


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