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25 October 2023

Canwil Textiles and 48in48: A Partnership Spurring Community Growth Through Philanthropy


Atlanta, GA — Demonstrating a robust commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations and the wider community, Canwil Textiles is delighted to spotlight its fruitful partnership with 48in48, which began in 2022. The collaboration, originating in Atlanta, Georgia, stands out as an example of how corporate entities and nonprofit organizations can come together to cultivate a positive impact within the community.


Canwil Textiles, an advocate for community initiatives, has been supplying 48in48 with various essential materials, including printed banners, flags, table covers, and diverse signage options. Nik Narwani, Canwil’s Owner and CEO
explains why this partnership is so important, “This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Canwil’s philanthropic endeavors, underscoring our company’s dedication to teaming up with nonprofit organizations, such as 48in48, that significantly aid other organizations in realizing their mission and broadening their impact.”


This alliance not only amplifies the reach and capabilities of organizations making a difference but also showcases

Canwil’s overarching principle: weaving the threads of compassion, community support, and collaboration through its business practices. With every banner, flag, and piece of signage that Canwil Textiles provides to 48in48, the company is fortifying an infrastructure that enables numerous nonprofits to proliferate their messages and missions effectively. 48in48, renowned for its dedicated marketing assistance to other nonprofits, leverages these materials during their impactful events, providing visibility and sparking connectivity among organizations, volunteers, and the communities they serve.


For additional details about the partnership and further inquiries, kindly reach out to:

Sima Parekh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 404-788-6392


About Canwil Textiles



Canwil Textiles is a leading provider of a diverse range of textile products, believing in intertwining its operational and commercial success with a steadfast commitment to community and philanthropy. The company is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of its clients while ensuring that its business operations perpetually contribute to the well-being and development of local communities.


About 48in48



48in48 is a non-profit organization that empowers other non-profits through the creation of new, professional websites, all within a 48-hour timeframe. Through the unification of skilled volunteers and determined nonprofits, 48in48 supercharges organizations to further deliver upon their worthwhile missions, enhancing connectivity and impact within their respective communities.


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