Canwil Textiles is Now a Distributor for Versatop 2.0

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7 February 2020

We’re excited to announce that Canwil Textiles is now a distributor of Versatop Pipe & Base 2.0 products! Versatop sells the most innovative pipe and drape designs available on the market today. If you need an easy-to-install system or are ready to replace an old system, this system might be right for you.

Buy Versatop Pipe & Base 2.0 with Canwil Textiles

There is a multitude of products available from Versatop through Canwil Textiles. Here are some of the products you can choose from:


The lineup of uprights from Versatop can’t be beaten. First, the Inversion Series with Glide-Lock telescoping uprights use a unique system that allows users to set the poles inverted. This “from the ground up” approach means users no longer need a ladder to place the upright. Safety is the most significant benefit here and allows users to stand safely on the ground while they adjust uprights.

Second, the primary Glide-Lock telescoping uprights are like traditional adjustable uprights. The Glide-Lock design has a patent-pending, but you’ll love the ease of use.

Lastly, their fixed uprights are commonly used products for trade shows. The connections in these products from Versatop are far superior to traditional designs. Plus, with lots of accessories, you have options for any set up you need.

Horizontal Supports

socket clip versatop 2 canwil textiles

Versatop 2.0 now has telescoping drape rods with the ball and socket designs. According to Versatop, “Our telescoping drape support rods with the uniquely engineered Ball Cap™ allows users to connect the system components quickly and safely. With no hooks or sharp edges, the top load connection equates to time savings with less damage during setup and teardown.”


the shoulder block canwil textiles versatop 2
The Shoulder Block

There are so many options available for whatever your applications are! Here is a list of some of the accessories available from Canwil Textiles and Versatop:

  • The Sidearm
  • The Shoulder Block
  • Angle Mounted Crown
  • Mounting Post
  • Threaded Ball Stud
  • Anti-Roll Clip
  • Socket Clip

The Benefits of Versatop 2.0

The best benefits of the Versatop 2.0 products are simple. First, ease of installation. With the ball and socket design, clicking uprights and supports together is quick and requires minimal effort. Once clicked in place, the joint is secure, no chances of it falling apart. Next is safety. This design has safety in mind. The sturdy uprights and supports click into place securely and don’t come apart unless you need them to! Then, less damage occurs with Versatop products. Drape is kept intact since the ball joints don’t snag on fabrics. Lastly, with the telescoping products, you’re more mobile than ever. Your whole system will travel well and make mobility effortless.

Contact Canwil Textiles for All Your Pipe & Drape Needs

Canwil Textiles is proud to be a distributor for Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0 products. We’ll work with you to create a system that suits your needs. The accessories we offer make so many layouts possible. If you’re in the trade show industry and use pipe and drape systems, this is the next evolution of products. Let’s get started today! Call us at 678.985.5434.


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