Canwil Textiles is a leading wholesale supplier of a varied range of textile products. These include yarn, fabric used in industry, fabric used for apparel, made-up and finished products. What we may not have in range, is specially designed and manufactured against customer’s needs. With over 70+ years of combined textile experience, we can help you choose and the right fabric for your project. We utilize many kinds of quality fibers and yarns including spun cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton blended, polypropylene and 100% synthetic filaments. Our yarns range from counts of 4Ne to 100Ne and fabrics in the weight range of 4 to 80 oz/sq. yard. We manufacture in widths 3″ through 144.   Canwil handles other converting like slitting, re-rolling, sewing in house. We are a wholesaler of fabrics, for smaller quantities please visit one of our online vendors that sell fabric by the yard. Our industrial fabrics are used in filtration, conveyor, v-belt, high-temperature applications, and many more. Call us today to discuss your technical applications and we will help you find a solution. We can dye sub print on a variety of ground fabrics and provide end products as well.  Our sewing divisions manufacturers drapes, table cloths, backdrops, signs and more.

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Bonded poleyster thread

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Bonded nylon thread

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Our papers and how they are made!

Khadi rag papers are made from 100% cotton rag. Cotton rags have longer fibers than linters which are the shorter fluffy fibers of the cotton seed commonly used in paper making. Genuine rag papers are rare and it is the fiber length of this raw material that gives Khadi rag papers their exceptional strength and durability. The cotton rag we use comes from T-shirt cuttings a reliable source of pure woven cotton Rags are pulped in a Hollander beater. Neutral pH size (glue) is added at this stage. Colored papers are dyed in the beater using direct dyes from Ciba and Clariant which are ISO 9001 accredited and meet European standards on effluence and toxicology

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25 Oct

Canwil Textiles and 48in48

Canwil Textiles and 48in48: A Partnership Spurring Community Growth Through Philanthropy   Atlanta, GA — Demonstrating a robust commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations and the wider community, Canwil Textiles is…

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28 Nov

Custom Tent Bags & Manufacturing Solutions – Made in the USA

At Canwil Textiles, we make custom tent bags and other textile solutions for commercial and individual use. We know how important it is to have a durable, portable storage solution…

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