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Canwil Textiles,Inc

1520 University Drive

Auburn, GA 30011

P:  678.985.5434

F:  678.807.2818

Technical Textiles...

  1. Cotton belting duck, single and multiple layered
  2. Cotton tire-cord
  3. Cotton & blended hard belting duck
  4. Cotton and blended flat & tubular woven V-BELT cover fabric
  5. Cotton chafer for TIRES
  6. Polyester, PVA and rayon yarns and cotton & synthetic fabric for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE
  7. Yarn for braiding
  8. Fabric to manufacture ABRASIVES
  9. RFL Dipped Fabric-Lenos and Plain weaves in nylons, spun polyester, and filaments
  10. Bias angled woven fabrics





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