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Canwil Textiles,Inc

1520 University Drive

Auburn, GA 30011

P:  678.985.5434

F:  678.807.2818

Made-Up Items...

  1. Laundry & shoe bags
  2. Mail bag
  3. Rigger bag
    • Made from heavy duty number duck
  4. Shopping bag
    • PET, PP, woven or non-woven
  5. Specialty apron
    • For artists or hardware stores
    • custom designs available
  6. Tarp
    • Made from PP, PET, Cotton, PC
    • using shade cloth, mesh, plain weave and coated fabrics
  7. Tool Bag
    • Made from heavy duty canvas
  8. Tote bag
    • Lightweight 5 oz canvas to heavyweight 30 oz canvas
    • Coal bags in different colors
  9. Custom made items
    • We can take you from design to prototyping and to production under one roof.
    • We can also take your existing idea that you need to get manufactured and packaged overseas to reduce costs.


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