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Filter Fabrics

Canwil Textiles has been supplying industrial filter fabrics and filter bags for over 10 years. Our fabrics and filter bags are used in the cement, steel, asphalt and chemicals industries. These products help factories reduce dust and chemical emissions into the atmosphere.

Our line of filter fabrics and bags are also used in water filtration and dewatering systems. This is used in industrial and domestic sewage facilities to reduce waste and chemicals and returning clean water back to the environment.

We manufacture & supply wovens and needle-punched non-woven fabrics according to customer specifications. With our wide offering of filter felts we can offer products for almost every industry and for very specific applications.

Our finishing capabilities:
-Heat setting
-Teflon coating
-Water and oil repellent
-PTFE membrane coating

Needle-punch felt capabilities:
-Polyester Multi-filament: High tensile strength polyester scrim, works longer than regular polyester filter felt.
-Polyester (no scrim) filter felt
-Polyester felt with anti-static scrim
-Polyester felt with stainless steel fiber (around 5% stainless steel fiber mixed with the polyester fiber)
-Aramid felt: High temp resistance
-PPS felt: PPS fiber has high internal chemical resistance which maintains high efficiency in harsh chemical environments.
-P84 felt: P84 has excellent chemical, abrasion resistance and hydrolytic stability.
-Fiberglass felt: High temperature resistant filter media and very good flow rates.
-Acrylic felt: Suitable in temperatures lower than 130 degrees Celsius.
-PTFE felt
-MILTER felt: MILTER filter felt has fiberglass scrim with PET, PPS, and acrylic fibers. Has very good tensile strength, low elongation and medium temperature resistance.
-Polyester micron rated liquid felt
-Polypropylene micron rated liquid felt

Woven filter capabilities:
-Polyester spun filter fabrics
-Polyester multi-filament filter fabrics
-Polypropylene filter fabrics
-Nylon filter fabrics
-Poly-vinyl alcohol fabrics
-Mono-filament fabrics

Micron rated filter mesh:
-Nylon mono-filament
-Polyester mono-filament
-Stainless steel woven mesh

Finished products:
-Dust collection filter sleeves
-Liquid filter bags
-Press filter bags