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Aratuff ™

Aratuff™is a dipped meta-aramid woven fabric used in the laundry industry.  Woven fabrics made from meta-aramid fibers have high temperature resistance, and very strong.  Aratuff™ is a dipped for added strength and abrasion resistance.  The fabric is also brushed for a rough finish to grip laundry and linens.  Primarily used in flatwork iron ers, Aratuff™ is available in 80″ and 130″ widths.

Aratuff™ Features:

  • Widths:  80″ and 130″
  • Yarn:  Spun meta-aramid yarn 38×38
  • Weight:  Base fabric:  230GSM, Finished:  259GSM
  • Selvage:  Heat sealed slit selvage
  • Finish:  Dipped, stiff, brushed dyed dark brown
  • Put-up:  Roughly 100 yard rolls
  • Exact chemical structure as Nomex® or Metamax®
  • Rigid and Durable
  • Thermal resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Low flammability

Aratuff™ on a laundry ironer

Aramid belt

Aramid belt